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B.W.A 2023 Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Business Week Afrika?

Business Week Afrika (B.W.A) is a large-scale exhibition, trade show, and conference for the African startup ecosystem bringing together entrepreneurs, startup innovators, investors, tech corporates, mentors, ecosystem enablers, and industry leaders to showcase African innovations and promote new business developments.

When & where will B.W.A 2023 be held?

B.W.A 2023 will be held at the Sarit Expo Centre, located in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. This modern and well-equipped venue provides an ideal setting for the conference, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a convenient location.

Who can attend B.W.A 2023?

B.W.A 2023 is open to leading African startups, entrepreneurs, investors, tech corporates, virtual reality experts, women in business, business professionals, mentors, thought leaders, ecosystem enablers, researchers, and anyone interested in gaining valuable insights into the business world. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an aspiring entrepreneur, B.W.A 2023 offers a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration.

How can I register for B.W.A 2023?

Registration for BWA 2023 is now open. To secure your spot, please visit our website and navigate to the registration page. Fill out the required information and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Early registration is recommended as there are limited seats available.

Can I submit a proposal to speak at B.W.A 2023?

Yes, B.W.A 2023 welcomes speaker proposals from industry experts, thought leaders, and individuals with valuable insights to share. If you are interested in speaking at the event, please visit our website and navigate to the “Book Consultation” on our contact information page for detailed guidelines on how to submit your proposal.

Will there be opportunities for sponsorship or exhibition at B.W.A 2023?

Absolutely! B.W.A 2023 offers various sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for organizations and businesses looking to gain visibility and connect with the African audience. For more information on sponsorship packages and exhibition spaces, please visit our website and navigate to the “Book A Stand” or “Book A Consultation” section.

What is the theme of B.W.A 2023?

The theme of B.W.A 2023 is “Showcasing African Innovation.” This theme focuses on highlighting the remarkable innovations emerging from Africa and their impact on various industries, fostering economic growth, and driving positive change.

How will B.W.A 2023 showcase African innovation?

B.W.A 2023 will showcase African innovation through various means, such as keynote speeches by prominent African innovators, panel discussions on innovation-driven topics, dedicated sessions featuring African startups and success stories, and interactive exhibitions highlighting innovative products, services, and technologies from Africa.

Are there specific sectors or industries that the theme of African innovation will focus on?

The theme of African innovation at B.W.A 2023 is inclusive and encompasses innovation across a wide range of sectors and industries. From technology and finance to healthcare, agriculture, renewable energy, and more, the conference will explore innovative solutions and advancements in diverse fields.

Why was the theme "Showcasing African Innovation" chosen for B.W.A 2023?

The theme “Showcasing African Innovation” was chosen to recognize and celebrate the incredible advancements and achievements in innovation across Africa. It aims to shed light on the diverse range of innovative solutions, products, and ideas originating from the continent, while promoting collaboration and opportunities for African entrepreneurs and businesses.

Will B.W.A 2023 feature African entrepreneurs & startups?

Absolutely! B.W.A 2023 is committed to supporting and showcasing African entrepreneurs and startups. The conference will provide opportunities for African entrepreneurs to share their stories, pitch their ideas, connect with potential investors, and gain visibility on an international platform.

Will there be networking events at B.W.A 2023?

Yes, B.W.A 2023 will feature dedicated networking events, including receptions, social gatherings, panel discussions, pitch deck presentations, trainings and more interactive sessions designed to facilitate meaningful connections among attendees. These events will provide valuable opportunities to engage with industry professionals, potential partners, and like-minded individuals.

Are there any awards or recognitions for African innovation at B.W.A 2023?

Yes, B.W.A 2023 will include awards or recognitions to honor outstanding African innovations and achievements. These awards aim to celebrate the contributions of African innovators and provide them with recognition and support to further their impact and success.

Can international attendees benefit from African innovation showcased at B.W.A 2023?

Yes, B.W.A 2023 aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between African innovators and international attendees. The showcased African innovations can inspire and create opportunities for international businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking partnerships or insights into the African market.

Can I present my African innovation at B.W.A 2023?

If you have an African innovation that you would like to showcase at B.W.A 2023, please visit our website and navigate to the “Book A Consultation” page. You will be guided on how to submit your innovation for consideration. Presenting your innovation can provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities.

Are there accommodation options available for B.W.A 2023 participants?

Yes, B.W.A 2023 organizers have secured partnerships with local hotels to offer exclusive accommodation options at discounted rates for conference participants. Detailed information on recommended hotels and how to book accommodations can be found on the website.

How can I stay updated with the latest information about B.W.A 2023?

To stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and information about B.W.A 2023, please visit our website regularly and sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow us on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to receive real-time updates and engage with the B.W,A community.