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What To Expect

BWA 2023 NAIROBI EDITION Bringing The African Innovation Ecosystem To Nairobi.


A week full of Panel Discussions, Networking Sessions, Pitch Deck Presentations, Trainings, Virtual Reality Experiences, and Investor Meetings.

Over 100 Innovation Ecosystem Players exhibiting from 11 Countries across Africa, 1200 Delegates with visitors from all over Africa, and a Tour of Nairobi City.

Business Week Afrika 1.0
Business Week Afrika 1.0

01. WHAT TO EXPECT Panel Discussions.


Experience the power of insightful conversations at Business Week Afrika 2023 through our engaging panel discussions. Join industry experts, thought leaders, and influential voices as they delve into key topics shaping the African business landscape. Discover emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities while gaining actionable strategies and valuable connections.

At BWA 2023, our thoughtfully curated panel lineups will ignite your curiosity and broaden your perspective. Participate in interactive sessions, ask questions, and engage in vibrant exchanges of ideas. From entrepreneurship to technology, sustainability to leadership, our diverse panel discussions will empower you with knowledge and inspiration to drive success in your ventures. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired, challenged, and enlightened at Business Week Afrika 2023.

02. WHAT TO EXPECT Breakout Networking Sessions.


Productive brainstorming sessions where the participants of the conference in specific industries network, share their entrepreneurial journeys have an in-depth conversation, educate one another and celebrate their achievements. Sessions include a 30-minute panel discussion with industry leaders or experts as panelists.

Women In Business Session

Female entrepreneurs are part of a growing trend of women who are taking control of their careers and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Founders Session

Business professionals who have started companies across the African continent. They have taken ideas and used their own skills and knowledge to build a business from nothing.

Investors Session

Different types of investors and investor platforms across the continent. Entrepreneurs or companies present their business ideas or plans to potential investors. The goal of an investor session is to persuade investors to invest in the company or project, usually in exchange for equity or other forms of ownership.

Tech Ecosystem Session

Individuals from across the African continent in the tech ecosystem in different roles holdings eg software developers, cyber security experts, web developers, data scientists etc.

Business Week Afrika 1.0

03. WHAT TO EXPECT Trainings.


Experience exceptional training at Business Week Afrika 2023 that will exceed your expectations. These sessions will be led by industry experts, covering diverse topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, digital marketing, and finance. Engage in interactive activities, case studies, and group discussions to gain practical insights and valuable perspectives. Stay ahead with the latest trends, innovative tools, and global market strategies.

The training will also provide networking opportunities to connect with professionals, mentors, and influencers, opening doors to new collaborations and opportunities. Prepare to be inspired and equipped with invaluable knowledge at Business Week Afrika 2023.

04. WHAT TO EXPECT Pitching & Presentations.


At Business Week Afrika 2023, expect an immersive experience dedicated to mastering the art of pitching and delivering impactful presentations. Renowned experts and successful entrepreneurs will share insights, tips, and techniques to elevate your communication skills and captivate any audience. From crafting compelling elevator pitches to delivering persuasive presentations, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to leave a lasting impression.

Immerse yourself in interactive workshops and hands-on training sessions, refining your delivery, mastering body language, and handling challenging Q&A sessions. Participate in pitch competitions, gaining valuable feedback, attracting funding, and forging strategic partnerships. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, BWA 2023 empowers you to communicate effectively and leave a lasting impact on Africa’s dynamic business landscape. Get ready to unlock your persuasive power and seize the spotlight at Business Week Afrika 2023.

Business Week Afrika 1.0
Business Week Afrika 7.0

05. WHAT TO EXPECT Virtual Reality Experience.


Business Week Afrika 2023 is set to redefine the conference experience with the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR). Get ready to immerse yourself in a new dimension where boundaries fade away, and possibilities become limitless. Through VR headsets and interactive controllers, attendees will step into a virtual world that blends entertainment, education, and networking like never before.

In this virtual realm, participants will have the opportunity to explore innovative business concepts, visit simulated companies, and engage in realistic scenarios. From high-stakes negotiations to interactive training modules, VR will bring business concepts to life in vivid detail. Gain valuable insights into emerging technologies, navigate virtual boardrooms, and connect with global industry leaders, all from the comfort of your VR headset. The future of conferences is here, and it’s waiting for you at BWA 2023. Embrace the power of Virtual Reality and get ready for an extraordinary journey of discovery and connection.